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Task Force on Caseloads in Special Education

The passage of 1997 Wisconsin Act 164 eliminated program types for special education classrooms and the minimum/maximum enrollment ranges tied to those program types and levels. Because of serious concerns expressed in the field about the elimination of the special education enrollment criteria, then State Superintendent John Benson appointed a task force representing the major stakeholder groups. The task force met for three years to address the issues of caseloads in special education. The department also funded research through the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.

The task force recommendations have been disseminated widely, as has additional information to assist local educational agency (LEA) staff in using the recommended options. Two models that LEAs can use in reviewing their special education caseloads were developed based on task force input and the UW-Oshkosh research. Those include a caseload number chart and a caseload formula based on student needs. Information on related variables is also included. LEAs may also develop and implement a strategy of their own.