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LGBT Resource:

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Educators and parents (and parents who are educators) often find themselves wondering how to talk with their students and children about sexual orientation and gender identity. With the visibility of LGBT people and families increasing all the time, young people know LGBT people and have questions. When an adult establishes themself as a caring, nonjudgmental resource, this creates a space of trust. However, the student may come to the adult with questions and concerns that the adult may not know how to answer. is typically seen as a trusted source of short, high quality videos to supplement human growth and development lessons. Amaze has also created videos on sexual orientation and gender identity. It recently added an “amaze jr” catalog filled with videos for younger kids. Their videos can kick off a conversation when viewed with young people or give educators and parents tips on how to talk with young people themselves. The format is engaging and often humorous, which can ease anxiety about discussing challenging topics. As with any resource, check it out before sharing with young people so you can prepare for discussion and questions.

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