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Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) for Wisconsin Licenses

The Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) is required for renewal of educational interpreter licenses in Wisconsin. This page addresses the process for those who provide Pk-12 interpreter services in Wisconsin school districts only.


  • to evaluate the skills of interpreters working with deaf children in PK-12 settings in order to ensure competent interpretation skills
  • to provide a valid assessment of an educational interpreter's skills

The EIPA is a national, standard video assessment for interpreters in K-12 settings. For more information about the EIPA, please check the national website at: It has four major assessment areas:

  1. Intonational, Grammatical and Spatial Representation (used when signing)
  2. Ability to Read Child/Teen Sign Language
  3. Sign Vocabulary
  4. Pragmatic Representation/Overall Behaviors

Tapes will be scored by trained teams at Boy's Town National Research Hospital - EIPA Diagnostic Center in Omaha. Results are available approximately 10-12 weeks after completing the EIPA.

The management of the EIPA is run through the EIPA Diagnostic Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Please contact Frances Beaurivage at or check their website at if you have questions. Each state has their own requirements and process for those taking the EIPA. Please check with your state department of education for guidance.

In Wisconsin, educational interpreters must earn a passing score of 3.0 or better (out of 5.0) for license renewal. Upon completion of the EIPA, each educational interpreter receives an EIPA Pass/No-Pass form letter. A copy of this letter must be submitted to DPI along with the license application and documentation of the five additional credits or the equivalent. The EIPA is worth a one-credit equivalent. You may take the EIPA twice in a five-year renewal period and earn a two-credit equivalent.

The links below explain the EIPA process and the information needed to complete the EIPA.

In addition to the EIPA, completion of the Wisconsin Interpreting/Transliterating Assessment (WITA) or RID certification may also be counted for a one-credit equivalent. However, WITA and /or RID are not a replacement for the EIPA.


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The EIPA Registration Form, with check, must be sent to the DPI Business Office, Attention Deb Anklam, for processing to avoid a delay in scheduling.