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An Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury for Educators - Webcast

This Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) training webcast was designed to introduce viewers to traumatic brain injury and its impact on learning and behavior. Material covered includes basic definitions, information on brain structures and their functions, common problems seen in school, steps to educational evaluation and programming, and additional resources. This webcast is meant only to be an introduction to brain injury--a starting point for those interested in understanding brain injury and in creating effective educational interventions. Other trainings and resource materials offer more in-depth information and are available on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s TBI webpage.


  • Kathy Tess-Wanat, traumatic brain injury consultant/state trainer, CESA 6,
  • Judy O’Kane, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Traumatic Brain Injury Consultant, (Retired)
  • Therese Canfield, Wisconsin Traumatic Brain Injury Grant Initiative Project Director,

*A special thank you to Dr. Julia McGivern, UW-Madison, for her suggestions and support of this project.

This activity was funded by IDEA Discretionary Grant #2007-9911-22, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. For more information on this project go to the TBI webpage.