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Level I Traumatic Brain Injury Training Presentation Modules

This training is a self-paced, internet version of the CESA-based Level I training; the training uses the Wisconsin TBI Training Curriculum, developed for educators and families interested in learning how to meet the needs of children with traumatic brain injury within the school setting. Training activities include presentation of information as well as application of concepts.


Welcome to the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) PowerPoint Training Presentation Modules for Level I. This training is an internet version of the Level I Statewide TBI Training Program. While it is a self-paced, independent version available to districts and parents as a resource, it is not intended to replace participation, content, and discussion that occurs in CESA-based TBI training programs.

Please read these carefully before trying to open the presentation.

  • In order to use this training presentation, you will need PowerPoint 97/87, and Adobe Reader, and an IBM compatible computer with this software loaded. To download the free Adobe Reader, go to
  • Four of the six PowerPoint Modules are accompanied by PDF documents. The Preface, Glossary, and Appendices are also provided in PDF format.
  • You are strongly encouraged to work your way through each module sequentially. A full understanding of information in a particular module will often be contingent upon information covered in a previous module.
  • Download and print the PDF document for each Module in advance of viewing the PowerPoint presentation. These documents are frequently referred to throughout five of the six modules. Only Modules I and VI do not contain any PDF documents.
  • Do not revise page numbering of any of the documents as there are many cross-references to the existing page numbering throughout the presentation.
  • Download the PowerPoint presentation files listed in the table below into your own file for optimal effectiveness of presentation.
  • Open Module I (tbimod1.ppt) from your file menu or Click on Module I "PowerPoint Slides and Notes" in the Table of Contents below. If you are not able to view the notes which accompany each slide, refer to your PowerPoint software directions for help on the "Notes Page View." You are now ready to proceed with the PowerPoint presentation. When complete, go on to Module II, then III, etc.
Preface, Pre-Test, Post-Test tbipreface.pdf

Module I - Introduction

Powerpoint Slides and Notes - tbimod1.ppt
(Module 1 does not contain any PDF documents.)

Module II - Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

PDF Documents - tbimod2.pdf
   Powerpoint Slides and Notes - tbimod2.ppt

Module III - Returning to School

PDF Documents - tbimod3.pdf
   Powerpoint Slides and Notes - tbimod3.ppt

Module IV - Planning to Meet the Needs of Students with TBI

PDF Documents - tbimod4.pdf
   Powerpoint Slides and Notes - tbimod4.ppt

Module V - Providing Positive Behavioral Interventions

PDF Documents - tbimod5.pdf
   Powerpoint Slides and Notes - tbimod5.ppt

Module VI - Supporting Students with Mild Brain Injury

Powerpoint Slides and Notes - tbimod6.ppt







Appendix A



Appendix B