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Sample IEP Forms Revision

Friday, May 3, 2019

Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed feedback on the proposed model forms. We received input from 299 of you – wow! We have taken that feedback, integrated it, and we recently released DPI Model Special Education Forms changes for the 2019-20 school year. Updated forms include substantive (district request, law changes, and/or eliminating duplicative information) and non-substantive changes (grammar, pronouns, and/or formatting). Substantive changes were made to the following forms:

  • R-1 (Referral for special education evaluation);
  • I-3 (IEP team meeting cover sheet);
  • I-4 (Linking form);
  • I-7-A (Participation Guidelines for Alternate Assessment);
  • I-7-ACCESS (Participation in statewide English language proficiency)

We have also added three new forms to assist with the notice of transfer of rights to the adult student, but also meet the new state law requirement under Wis. Stat. 115.807(4) for districts to provide information on supported decision-making, other alternatives to guardianship, and strategies to remain engaged in the adult student’s education. Those forms are numbered:

  • M-6 (Notification of upcoming transfer of rights) for both student and parent(s);
  • M-7 (Student notification of transfer of rights); and
  • M-8 (Parent notification of transfer of rights).

To see the updated forms, visit the Sample Special Education Forms page. For a detailed description of the changes, see the current changes bullet at the top of the page.

Based on your feedback, we will be moving to a biannual forms change revision unless there is a change to state or federal special education law. We release forms changes for the next school year in early May to allow vendors time to program so the forms are available for school district use in August at the beginning of a new school year. If you have questions about special education forms, please email Christina Spector at Thank you for your hard work as you work with our updated forms.