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Titles I and IV Open in WISEgrants

Friday, June 14, 2019

The following email was sent by Michael Thompson to district administrators:

Dear District Administrators,

Please see the following announcements for important updates and information.

2019-20 Title I-A, Title I-D, and Title IV-A Applications now open in WISEgrants.
2019-20 ESEA Preliminary Allocations and Grant Applications for the below Titles are now available in WISEgrants. A spreadsheet listing the preliminary allocations for each of these Titles is also available at the top of this webpage.

LEAs may now begin filling out their 2019-20 applications and budgets for the above grants. The deadline to submit applications is August 30, 2019. The DPI has developed the “Title I, Part A Application: A Quick Guide for LEAs” to assist LEAs in their Title I, Part A applications. Similar guides will be developed for the other Titles soon. LEAs can direct any questions regarding their allocations or applications to the following:

Title I, Part A: The LEA’s Title I Consultant
Title I, Part D, Neglected and Delinquent: Kristine Nadolski
Title IV, Part: Emily Holder

DPI will notify LEAs of their allocations for Titles II, III, and V as they become available from USDE.

ESEA End of Year Report Workbook now available.
The DPI has developed the 2018-19 ESEA End-of-Year Report Workbook to assist LEAs in preparing the requisite data needed to complete the 2018-19 End-of-Year Report. The Workbook mirrors the data requirements LEAs will see when the End-of-Year Report is opened in WISEgrants. Since the DPI does not expect to open the End-of-Year Report in WISEgrant until the end of June, LEAs can use the Workbook to begin their preparation ahead of time.

Use of the Workbook is optional and LEAs may use it to as little or great an extent as deemed beneficial. LEAs should note that the Workbook is a supplemental resource. Completion of the Workbook does not exempt an LEA from submitting the End-of-Year Report in WISEgrants. Please do not send the workbook to DPI.

More information about the ESEA End-of-Year Report is available on this webpage. The deadline to submit the End-of-Year Report will be determined once it is available in WISEgrants.

Again, please do not hesitate to reach out to DPI if you have any questions or concerns.