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Wisconsin’s Special Educator Induction Program

Friday, April 28, 2023

First-year teachers who participated in a comprehensive set of induction activities were half as likely to leave the field as those who did not participate. (Strong & Ingersoll, 2004) Wisconsin DPI is pleased to announce the launching of Wisconsin’s Special Educator Induction Program. Through an IDEA Discretionary Grant, each CESA will offer induction program opportunities for new special educators for the 2023-24 school year.

Please see the following informational flier.

Each CESA will provide the following:

  • Six “just in time” professional learning sessions by trained professional development specialists. Sessions will include training in the high-leverage practices instructional and special education compliance content:
    • Explicit Instruction
    • Student Engagement
    • Social Emotional Skills
    • Comprehensive Evaluation
    • IEP development and meeting facilitation
    • Progress monitoring
  • At least six coaching sessions by trained coaches to support content learning.
  • At least six support network sessions by trained facilitators to build emotional resilience and a cohort support.
    • Building a Network of Support
    • Professional Purpose and Passion
    • Emotional Awareness
    • Behavior as Communication
    • Positive Thinking
    • Professional Boundaries

The induction program is designed for a first or second-year special educators and special educators holding a License with Stipulations.

There will be no cost to the school district. Participating districts will receive up to $1,500 per participant to offset the cost associated with participation in the induction program. Districts will be reimbursed following the completion of all three induction opportunities. Districts must commit to the release time needed for new educators to participate in these induction activities. Participation in the induction program will not result in DPI licensure but is intended to supplement any Educator Preparation Program.

Twenty-five participants will be selected in each CESA to participate in the induction program. You will receive an Induction Program Nomination and District Commitment Form from your CESA. For more information, contact your local CESA.