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WISE Google Single Sign-on Feature

Friday, May 31, 2019

The WISEsecure Single Sign-on feature allows school district staff to log into DPI WISE applications using Google authentication, which is used in the majority of schools. Users are still able to log into WISE applications using their WAMS accounts as they currently do today. Google authentication is simply an additional option for convenience based on user demand, and we are happy to be able to accommodate that demand.

In order for Google authentication to work, 1) a user must have a WAMS account, 2) roles must be granted to that WAMS account for DPI secure applications, and 3) a user’s Google email address must match the school/district-assigned work email address recorded under an assigned WAMS account. No other changes to the WAMS profile are required. Make sure WISE system access is only granted to individuals with WAMS accounts that use the email addresses provided by their school or district, not personal email addresses. To change information associated with your WAMS ID, including email address, please visit the WAMS website and click the Profile Management link. DPI cannot make changes to your WAMS account and cannot reset passwords.

To learn more about how WISEsecure Single Sign-on works and how you can ensure you’ll be set to use it when it’s released, please review this quick one-page guide.