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WISEdash Upgrade

Friday, May 31, 2019

The below email was sent to District Administrators:

DPI, together with our dashboard vendor Hoonuit, are teaming up to provide you with a new, clean user experience and tools to take your student data analysis and continuous school improvement into the future. There are new menus, navigation, and analysis capabilities. Charts and graphs are modernized, too.

What you need to know
  • When: The new version opens on May 30 within WISEhome. The old version is still open until July 9 to help users become acclimated to the new version.
  • What: When you log into the new version things will look and feel very different, but they will be much more useful for you.
  • To Do: Share training information with your staff:
  • Special Note about the Data Inquiry Journal (DIJ):
    • The DIJ is available in the old version until June 13. After that, the DIJ switches to the new version. All of your DIJ work in the old version is being copied into the new version.

The DIJ At-A-Glance is a helpful resource. Your CESA can assist with the DIJ for Continuous Improvement.