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SPR Information for Districts and Schools


This section of the School Performance Report (SPR) website provides information to help districts and schools to complete three primary tasks:

  • Collecting and reporting data to DPI
  • Reviewing data after reporting to DPI and before reporting back to parents and guardians
  • Reporting data returned by DPI to parents and guardians, as required by state law

To view SPR-related data, use WISEdash -- Public or WISEdash For Districts.

Reporting Comparative Data of Other Districts in the Same Athletic Conference



NOTICE: School finance data (costs and revenues) on the SPR website are "point in time," that is, numbers as of a certain date. Finance data is subject to revision. Please refer to the School Financial Services website for the most up-to-date cost and revenue data.


Changes to the School Performance Report over time


For questions or comments regarding the School Performance Report, please open a help ticket.