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21st Century Community Learning Centers (CLC): Assessment

CLC Assessment Tools and Resources

  • DPI has developed a self-assessment tool, the CLC Self-Assessment Form for use in preparation for a site monitoring visit and review.
  • The Wisconsin After School Continuous Improvement Process (WASCIP) is a state developed, comprehensive self- assessment tool for use in afterschool programs. To learn more and access the tool click here WASCIP.
  • To review the allowable assessment tools for use as outlined in the grant requirement click here Allowable Assessments.

Grantees are required to participate in a self-assessment process as a condition of their grant award. The schedule for implementation is below.

Grant Year

Self-Assessment Requirement


Year One

Identify self-assessment tool

With submission of CLC Yearly Progress Report

Year Two

Conduct self-assessment and develop improvement plan

Summary reported with the CLC Yearly Progress Report

Year Three

Implement improvement plan

Summary and results reported with the CLC Yearly Progress Report

Year Four

Continue to implement improvement plan

Summarize plans for continuous improvement in the CLC Yearly Progress Report

Year Five

Continue to revise and implement improvement plan


Approved self-assessment instruments:

  • Wisconsin After-School Continuous Improvement Process (WASCIP)
  • Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA)
  • New York State Afterschool Network (NYSAN) Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSA)
  • Foundations Inc. Quality Assurance System (QAS)

DPI may request additional evaluation materials and results as needed.

For questions about this information, contact Alison Wineberg (608) 267-3751