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Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities for Fall 2023

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The Student Services/Prevention and Wellness Team provides for resourceful funding opportunities. Listed below are grants currently available. For specific information on grant timeline, eligibility, contacts, and other requirements, please visit each grant webpage below.

new 2023-24 Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention Grant - Round 2

A competitive grant program has been established for peer-to-peer suicide prevention programs for Wisconsin high schools. With a focus on training Wisconsin students to recognize the signs of suicide shown by fellow students, peer-to-peer programs use messages of hope, health, and strength to develop peer leaders and resources for students who may be struggling. Peer-to-peer training ensures that the people students are most likely to turn to in troubling times, their friends and classmates, have the knowledge and tools needed to recognize warning signs of suicide and depression, and are able to help their friends and peers.

Any school at which pupils attend high school grades is eligible for this grant, and recipients of a grant under this program may use the grant funds to support an existing peer-to-peer suicide prevention program or implement a new peer-to-peer suicide prevention program. In awarding grants under this program, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will give preference to applications for a grant to implement a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program based on the educational value of the project and an equitable statewide geographic distribution of funds. The amount of each individual grant award may not exceed $1,000.

For more information please visit the Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention Grant website.

Aid for School Mental Health Programs

Eligible school districts, Private School Choice Program Schools, and independent charter schools may receive partial reimbursement for salary and fringe benefits paid to employ, hire, or retain social workers or the costs to contract for the services of a social worker when the eligible entity increased in its expenditures in the prior school year compared to the immediately preceding school year.

See the Aid for School Mental Health Programs webpage for more information.

For other grant opportunities from DPI, visit the Competitive Grant Inventory webpage