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Suicide Prevention - Workshop

DPI’s Full-Day Youth Suicide Prevention Workshop

DPI has trained thousands of school staff to use a 3-tiered prevention and intervention model and the health classroom curriculum mentioned above. We regularly update our presentations using recent research and improved programming. The workshop helps participants understand the scope of youth suicide and what schools can do to reduce suicidal acts and thoughts among students. Participants learn about the prevalence of youth suicide, risk and protective factors, comprehensive prevention programs, and crisis intervention. We discuss legal requirements, and help you gain new knowledge and skills to improve classroom instruction at the middle- and high-school level. This workshop is not intended to train all school staff (see Web-Based Suicide Prevention Training for All School Staff); rather it prepares teams of pupil services staff, health educators, and administrators to plan, prevent, and intervene at their schools. Action planning is integrated into all phases of the training program. We offer this workshop many times each year throughout the state, and actively seek new invitations using our training flyer linked below. Feel free to contact our staff to find scheduled workshops in your area, to schedule a new workshop, or for contact information to schedule a workshop through your CESA.

For questions about this information, contact (608) 266-8960