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Supporting the Children of Military Families

As the fall semester of school begins for students, Shelley Joan Weiss, the Wisconsin Commissioner for the Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Children wants to remind parents of military children and all public K-12 school districts of the enclosed resources.

The Compact exists to ease transitions and remove educational barriers for the children of military families who often experience frequent moves and unique challenges. If you have questions, please contact Shelley Joan Weiss, WI Commissioner or Becky Walley, Wisconsin School Liaison Officer.

Current federal legislation requires that public school districts include a voluntary component in their registration process to help districts and the DPI identify the children of military members. This helps schools to provide needed support for military children and families and also helps each state to have more information on where military families are located throughout the state.

We also want to provide an early reminder that November is Military Family Appreciation Month. Information is available through the following organizations:

Thank you for your strong support for all children and particularly the children of military families.

November is the Month of the Military Family

Every family has challenges, but military families have unique challenges that all of us need to be aware of...