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Collaborative Pupil Services

Collaborative Pupil Services

The school counseling consultant at the Department of Public Instruction is an integral member of the Student Services/Prevention and Wellness team, and supports the provision of collaborative pupil services within the department, across Wisconsin, and nationally. As a member of the Wisconsin Alliance of Pupil Service Organizations, they support the mission of WAPSO, which is to promote and facilitate:

  • a greater understanding of the interrelationship between the disciplines involved in Pupil Services teams, and their relationship to student success;
  • the strengthening of knowledge and skills to serve as a voice for the disciplines that form a pupil services team;
  • the dissemination of interdisciplinary information
  • open communication, collaboration and cooperation among member organizations; and
  • the mobilization of grassroots action in the support of pupil services teams.

To learn more about WAPSO's member organizations, and read a white paper related to the alliance, go to:

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