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Student Records and Confidentiality

Student Records and Confidentiality

Over the years, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has received many questions about student records. The Student Records and Confidentiality bulletin addresses some of the most frequently asked questions and replaces Information Update Bulletin 98.02 Pupil Records of Students with Exceptional Educational Needs. As state and federal laws and policies change and additional questions arise, the department will update this publication to keep it current.

The bulletin has been designed to help local school districts develop their own local policies regarding student records and confidentiality. It is not to be construed as legal advice. A local education agency should consult with its own legal counsel when formulating local policies and procedures regarding access to and treatment, storage, and transfer of student records. Statutory citations are included within the response to each question to help facilitate local policy-making that is grounded in statute or other authoritative directive.

Sharing Information Across Systems - Summarizes the circumstances allowed for in statute, other than informed consent or court order, under which schools and other systems (e.g., law enforcement, the courts and juvenile justice, social services, health) can share confidential information. This resource is designed to help local school districts and their community partners develop local policies, procedures, and agreements regarding how they will share information across systems.

For questions about this information, contact Julie Incitti (608) 266-0963