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General School Social Work Licensing Information

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School Social Work License Questions and Answers - Licensing, Educator Advancement and Development Information Bulletin

Best Practice Considerations for Emerging Professionals: School Social Worker - One Year License with Stipulations (Tier I)

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Where can I find more information about school social work in Wisconsin?

I have a social work credential; can I be employed by a school district to work as a school social worker without a school social work license from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI)?

No. All professionals fulfilling the responsibilities and job description of a school social worker must have a school social work license issued by DPI.

May a school counselor fulfill the job description of a school social worker and use that title, or vice versa?

No. School counselors and school social workers have different training, theoretical background, practice frameworks, and skill sets. To practice as a school counselor or as a school social worker an individual must possess the appropriate license to do so.

Wisconsin Social Work Credential Information

A DPI school social work license is required to fulfill the job description of a school social worker, though a clinical license is not. Therefore, some school social workers hold both a clinical and school license, and others hold only the school license.

Obtain or Maintain a Social Work Credential - For information related to obtaining or maintaining a social work license or certificate from the WI Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work Examining Board.

Demonstrating Accountability

Complaints Against School Social Workers

Educator Misconduct - The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) conducts formal investigations of licensed educators based on information received by the DPI that alleges immoral conduct on the part of the licensed educator.

Liability Protections for School Social Workers

Liability Protection

For Specific Licensing Questions

See the Licensing, Educator Advancement and Development (LEAD) team's homepage for more information on DPI licensing.

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