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Crisis Response Resources

Crisis Response Resources

Parents want and expect their children to attend safe schools. Educators should do all they can to create, foster, and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff. This website is designed to provide schools and communities with links to useful information and resources. The information provided here can help schools in their efforts to prevent violence and crises from occurring and prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical incidents.

Crisis Response Resources

Resources for parents and schools to use after a crisis (updated Dec. 14, 2012)

Additional Response Resources

Resources from the American Council for School Social Work

Requirements for School Safety
A special legislative council study committee developed a comprehensive school safety bill in 2009. The bill passed both chambers of the legislature and was signed into law by the governor in May of 2010. The link will take the reader to the text of Wisconsin Act 309 that outlines the requirements school districts are required to implement in order to enhance safety.

Dodge County School Safety Plan Template

Crisis Prevention and Response - UCLA

Practical Information on Crisis Planning

The following phases address the major components of good crisis planning. Crisis plans need to be developed and customized to meet local needs. Resources are provided for each phase to assist communities and school districts in the planning process.

Training on Crisis Planning

An offering of the WISH Center is PREPaRE or Prevent, Reaffirm, Evaluate, Provide and Respond, and Examine trainings. PREPaRE is a School Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training, developed by the National Association of School Psychologists. PREPaRE is the only comprehensive curriculum developed by school-based professionals with firsthand experience and formal training. The curriculum builds on existing personnel, resources, and programs; provides for sustainability; and can be adapted to individual school needs and size. For upcoming PREPaRE 1 and 2 trainings go to

Consultation and Assistance

Department of Public Instruction Student Services/Prevention and Wellness Staff
Center for School, Youth and Citizen Preparedness
National School Safety Center
Wisconsin Association of School Boards (policy services)
Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association (WSSCA)

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