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Every Child a Graduate

Every Child a Graduate, College and Career Ready.

That's our mission.

Wisconsin is advancing education reforms to ensure every child graduates ready for further education and the workplace. State Superintendent Tony Evers' goals are to further increase the statewide graduation rate from 85.7 percent to 92 percent, close graduation and career and college readiness gaps, and adopt the Fair Funding for Our Future plan to make school finance more equitable and transparent. 

4 Areas of Focus

To achieve these goals and advance education for all students, we must focus around four simple, but powerful areas:

1. What and how should kids learn? 

2. How do we know if kids have learned?

3. How do we ensure kids have highly effective teachers and schools?

4. How should we pay for kids’ education in public schools?


VIDEO: I'm Ready Series

Watch these three inspiring student success stories.
College and Career ready handout Sceenshot

HANDOUT: College and Career Ready Definition