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Designing Summative Assessments

WestEd Assessment Design Toolkit 

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The Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation at WestEd, along with other educational partners, created the Assessment Design Toolkit that includes videos and supplemental materials to help teachers write and select well-designed assessments. Although the primary audience is teachers and principals, district and state leaders can also use the Toolkit.

Educators can use this toolkit to:

  • Empower educators to become master assessment designers who plan, write, and select assessments which provide a clear sense of student learning.
  • Make informed decisions about using specific types of question items and improve current assessments.
  • Improve assessment literacy among teachers, especially teachers of non-tested grades and subjects who do not have state assessments to measure student growth.
  • Post modules to online learning platforms as professional development for teachers to access independently. Teams of teachers, Professional Learning Communities, and school departments can also use the modules to improve assessment literacy.