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Summer Reading Program 2018

Whimsical drawings of books and musical notes swirling including four children playing instruments: a young child beating a drum, lower right-hand section; a young child in a wheelchair strumming a guitar, lower left-hand section; a young child playing a piano/keyboard. upper right-hand section; a young child blowing on a horn, upper left-hand section. The words Libraries Rock! is located in the middle of the swirl.


This year's theme for summer reading is: Libraries Rock! If you are looking for a fun way to spend your summer, join the WTBBL Summer Reading Program! Kids and young adults ages 4-21 that uses WTBBL or are eligible to use WTBBL can join.

Earn prizes by reading as many hours as you can this summer between June 4th and September 3rd. Readers who logs over 16 hours and turns in their log by September 9th will be entered in a drawing for the Grand Prize: a $50 gift card to Culvers!

To sign up, contact Katie at or call 414-286-6918.