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Technology Education Science Equivalency Resources

The Department of Public Instruction is committed to expanding opportunities for students to meet graduation requirements. In the Summer of 2008, Wisconsin released information about establishing local science equivalency credit to technology and engineering courses as well as Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses

Informational Resources:

  • State Superintendent's Letter to District Administrators - State Superintendent's letter to district administrators announcing the availability for technology and engineering teachers/departments applying for science equivalency graduation credit.

  • Technology Education and Science Task Force Report - The State Superintendent's technology and engineering task force report which summarizes the work that led to establishing a science equivalency credit option for technology and engineering courses.

  • UW System PLTW Approval Chart - UW-System/PLTW approval chart for for each campus in Wisconsin. This chart is a supplemental resource that accompanies the UW-System letter.

  • Step-by-Step - Tech. Ed. to Science Equivalency - This is a step-by-step process districts can use to help guide them through the process of applying for science credit.

  • Approved Science Equivalency Schools and Courses - This document outlines all Wisconsin schools that have approved technology and engineering/science equivalency credit courses.

  • Sample Technology Education/Science Crosswalk Template - Crosswalk Template for General Technology and Engineering/Science crosswalk in Word form should be used by districts to input local course curriculum. Previous sample crosswalk templates may be used until February 1st, 2016. After this date, school districts must use this new crosswalk template which was updated to provide flexibility for districts to document standards that have been locally approved.



Sample Crosswalks: