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Every Teacher a Leader

Leading with the Students in Mind

A recent study, School Leadership Counts: Instructional Leadership for Student Success (2017) by the New Teacher Center and Richard Ingersoll, found a correlation between instructional and teacher leadership and higher student achievement.

Teacher Voice and Leadership can positively impact:

  • educator collaboration,
  • instructional practice,
  • teacher autonomy, and
  • school culture and climate

The increase and recognition of teacher leadership is a collaborative effort. Schools and districts with strong teacher leadership and voice have principals and superintendents who work to support, promote and grow that culture with the focus on student learning and achievement.

Increased teacher voice and leadership in a collaborative environment leads to:

  • greater recruitment and retention of high-quality educators and
  • higher student achievement

Mission and Vision of Teacher Voice and Leadership in Wisconsin


Mission: to elevate teachers as experts and leaders in and beyond the classroom.

Teacher leaders demonstrate a growth mindset to transform their classrooms, schools, and profession to achieve equity and excellence for all students.

We believe every Wisconsin teacher is a leader. Teacher leadership is not defined by role or title - teachers lead at the classroom, school, district, and state level.

educator actions graphic
* Leading self (growth mindset, lifelong learner)
* Leading students (in instruction, as a role model, as a support and advocate)
* Leading teachers (mentoring, induction, coaching, in teams, increasing teacher voice)
* Leading the profession (encouraging other to enter and stay, advocating for the profession, increasing teacher influence)
* Leading community (involved and engaged in and with the community)
  • Teacher Leaders demonstrate innovation, creativity, reflection, communication, and collaboration
  • Educators are the "lead learner" in their classroom
  • Teachers are key participants in distributed leadership
  • All of the beliefs above can positively impact student achievement