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Smarter Lunchrooms


Join the Smarter Lunchrooms Initiative and create a cafeteria that encourages students to select healthy menu options by changing the lunchroom environment.  The Smarter Lunchroom Initiative seeks to:

  • Nudge students to unknowingly make smarter, healthier choices in the lunchroom.
  • Increase sales by implementing innovative strategies that encourage student consumption of healthier foods.
  • Implement low-cost/no-cost strategies that focus on changing the school lunchroom environment.
  • Keep a variety of food choices without completely eliminating unhealthy food choices from the menu or only raising prices of less healthy food.

Schools across Wisconsin have already created Smarter Lunchrooms with amazing results.  Learn how the Antigo Unified School District and Sauk Prairie School District have successfully implemented Smarter Lunchroom strategies. 

A large number of Smarter Lunchroom strategies can be implemented in your school in less than 30 minutes at no cost.  These strategies include creatively naming fruits, vegetables, and healthy entrees; highlighting healthy menu items on menu boards outside of the cafeteria; and displaying fruit options in multiple places in the serving line. Watch these training videos to learn about Smarter Lunchrooms and how to get started.

Consider using the Smarter Lunchroom in a Flash series to train staff members on implementing Smarter Lunchroom strategies. Each of these videos can be watched in under three minutes.

Join the Smarter Lunchrooms movement by completing the Smarter Lunchroom Scorecard   (also available for free download in most app stores).  This tool can help you to evaluate your lunchroom, congratulate yourself for things you are doing well, and identify opportunities for improvement. For more information, visit the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement