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Background Checks for Lifetime Licenses

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has completed the conversion to Lifetime licensure. At this time, DPI is working on the process and application for the background check that is required for Lifetime educators. When the DPI is finished developing the formal process, we will communicate the required actions and deadline to affected Lifetime license holders. No action is required at this time.

In the auto-notification sent to educators regarding conversion is the most recent background check date on file with DPI. Please be aware that no action is required at this time, even if the background check date is older than five years. DPI will communicate to educators when they are required to take action and by what date.

As more information becomes available related to the Lifetime licenses, the DPI will post that information to the Latest Licensing News blog:

Latest Licensing News Blog

Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.