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ELO - Educator Licensing Online

Updates on the Professional and Master Educator License conversion to Lifetime Licenses; the Background Check application

Important Notice

We continue to work with our vendor on the conversions from “Professional Educator” to “Lifetime Educator.” Please note that educators who hold a valid “Professional" or "Master" Educator License with NO statutory stipulations are already considered to have a “Lifetime License,” even though that status is not currently reflected on our website. At this time there is NO ACTION REQUIRED by educators. Once the conversion is completed we will inform license holders and other stakeholders of the update to our system.

Additionally, Act 59 requires DPI to run a background check every five years on every educator who holds a lifetime license. At this point in time, the Lifetime License background check process has not been finalized because we need to get the Lifetime licenses issued. Once the new process is in place, we will notify those educators who need to have a DPI background check this year and provide instructions.
The first phase of ELO went live in January 2014. For the latest updates on the Educator Licensing Online project, please visit the following webpage: ELO.


Project Overview

In May 2010, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) won a three-year ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grant to support accountability. Specifically, a portion of the grant money allowed WDPI to procure or build an online educator licensing system due to the limitations of Wisconsin’s aging, paper-based teacher licensing system. 

Project activities have taken longer than anticipated and a one-year extension of the federal grant was requested and has been approved. 

The online education licensing system will reduce cycle time to process a license, improve data quality and provide real-time licensure data. In the current education climate where many of us are asked to do more for less, WDPI is committed to assisting educators, school districts and education preparation programs to achieve greater efficiency in their part of the licensure process.

Ultimately, the new system will significantly improve the turnaround time to issue license and provide an improved client support to all WDPI stakeholders.