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Other License Types

State Budget Licensure Changes

Important NoticeEducators who hold a Professional or Master Educator license that was supposed to expire on June 30, 2018, DO NOT NEED TO APPLY to renew their license with credits or a PDP.  The state budget has removed the expiration dates from these licenses, and we are working to have license lookup reflect that.

Please visit the Latest Licensing News blog for information on the state budget's impact on licensure. All available information has been posted to the Latest Licensing News blog. Please Note: the first post relating to the new license rules was written September 22nd.


Application Type



First-time request for a Master Educator License via the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) process
Request an additional license in a Professional Educator teacher's content area based on passing a content test
Wisconsin DPI License Based on Equivalency (LBE) applications
Teacher Intern
Special Education Program Aide

Request New Special Education Program Aide

Special Education Program Aide Renewal

Occupational or Physical Therapist or Therapy Assistant License

First-time OT/PT/OTA/PTA license

Renew OT/PT/OTA/PTA license

Program Coordinator

Driver Education Teacher License

Initial Driver Education License via WI Program

Initial Driver Education License via Out-of-State Program

Indian Language, History, and Culture

First-time Indian Language License

Indian Language License Renewal

First-time Indian History and Culture License

Indian History and Culture License Renewal

Educational Interpreter License

First-time Educational Interpreter License

Educational Interpreter License Renewal

Emergency Educational Interpreter


Orientation and Mobility License

First-time Orientation & Mobility License

Orientation & Mobility License Renewal


School Audiology License

First-time School Audiologist License

School Audiologist License Renewal


Conversion of PI 3 Teacher License to PI 34
Charter School Principal License Go!

Charter School Teacher Licenses

Charter School Instructional Staff License (5-year)

Charter School Teacher License (3-year)


Trade Specialist Permit
Professional Teaching Permit
Experience-Based Technical and Vocational Education Subjects License
Montessori Teacher License

IHE Representative for PDP Teams

School Board-requested 1-Year Administrator License

First-time 1-year Administrator License

Request Second Year 1-Year Administrator License