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Program Approval

The program approval process is a review of an entity’s educator preparation program. The review process ensures that Wisconsin’s educator preparation programs meet the performance-based standards and statutory and rule requirements specified in Wis. Stat. 118.19 and Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34. In addition, the process requires that entities develop collaborative relationships with the PK-12 education community to promote continuous improvement throughout an educator’s professional career. Entities have the flexibility under Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34 to develop distinct preparation programs that reflect their unique missions, goals, and structures. Entities are responsible for providing evidence that their programs prepare educators who can meet the standards established by the State of Wisconsin in Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34 Subch. III and IV. The evidence is reviewed during the program approval process to ensure that entities have met all program approval requirements of Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34.

The following are resources for educator preparation programs seeking program approval.

Program Approval Resources

License Based on Equivalency (LBE) Provider Resources

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