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Out-of-State edTPA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


This webpage is for educators who were prepared by a teacher preparation program headquartered outside of Wisconsin.  For educators who are enrolled in a Wisconsin teacher preparation program, please contact your preparation program for guidance.

1.  What is the edTPA?

The edTPA is a pre-service teacher performance assessment. To complete the edTPA, candidates:

  • choose a learning segment of 3-5 lessons in one class
  • collect artifacts (lesson plans, instructional materials, teaching videos, assessments, and sample student work)
  • write commentaries in response to prompts in the subject-specific edTPA handbook
  • submit their artifacts and commentaries for professional scoring
  • Scorers rate candidate performance in planning, instruction, and assessment using rubrics in the edTPA handbooks.  Candidates are encouraged to visit the edTPA website for detailed information.

2.  Who is required to do the edTPA?

Any teacher who completed their initial teacher preparation program on or after September 1, 2016, with less than one year of teaching experience of at least one-half time employment in a PK-12, private, or charter school (not a tutoring site).

3.  Which edTPA handbook am I required to complete?

If an educator has completed the edTPA as part of the educator preparation program for licensure in another state that handbook is acceptable.  For candidates who have yet to complete the edTPA, refer to the "Handbooks Wisconsin has selected" PDF guide for assistance.  In most cases Wisconsin has selected multiple handbooks for a given license.  Candidates should select a handbook that is appropriate to their field experience or work assignment and the Wisconsin license that they are seeking.

4.  How can I re-submit the edTPA if my score is too low?

The edTPA website provides guidance regarding retakes.  Please see the Retaking edTPA page for more information.

5.  Does Wisconsin DPI accept other states' passing edTPA scores?

If a candidate completed an edTPA for licensure as part of an educator preparation program in another state and received a passing score in that state, Wisconsin will honor the score as passing in Wisconsin. If the other state has not established a threshold for passing, the individual will need to meet the cut score established for Wisconsin.  The cut scores that have been established for Wisconsin are:

  • 38 for edTPA handbooks with 15 rubrics

  • 32 for edTPA handbooks with 13 rubrics

  • 45 for edTPA handbooks with 18 rubrics

6.  Under what circumstances can the edTPA be waived?

An out-of-state applicant with at least one year of out-of-state teaching experience with at least one-half time employment in a PK-12, private, or charter school (not a tutoring site), is not required to post a passing score on the edTPA.  This teaching experience must occur after the educator completed their initial teacher educator preparation program.  If an educator has at least one year of long-term, contracted substitute experience they may attempt to use that experience to waive the edTPA.  Individual circumstances must be reviewed for final determination.  Use the PI-1613 Employment Verification form to show evidence of teaching experience.

7.  Where do I go if I need help with the edTPA?

Please use the Getting Started webpage for assistance in beginning the edTPA.  Educators who are unaffiliated with an educator preparation program may find the Guidance for Candidates Unaffiliated with Educator Preparation Programs useful.

8.  What are the three components of the edTPA?

The three components are planning, instruction, and assessment