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License Based on Content Test (LBCT) Changes under new PI-34

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A new version of PI 34, the administrative rule that governs educator preparation and licensing, went into effect August 1, 2018. This new version of PI 34 made some important changes to the License Based on Content Test Pathway for educators by removing some license options and expanding others. To see a list of these changes, please refer to the newly updated documentation that is linked on our License Based on Content Test Pathway webpage.


The most noticeable changes include:

1. Broad field licenses can no longer be added by content test.

2. Special Education license holders are now able to add certain subjects by content test.

3. Elementary educators can now add world languages and ESL.


There are additional minor changes that can be seen on the License Based on Content Test Pathway page.

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Important Notice


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