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Overview of Educator Misconduct Investigation Procedures

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


In accordance with Wis. Stat. 115.31(6), upon receipt of a report from school district administrator, the state superintendent shall:

  1. Verify the conviction if the report indicated that the person was convicted of a crime as defined in Wis. Stat. 115.31.
  2. Investigate to determine whether to initiate revocation proceedings.
  3. Post on DPI’s website the name of the licensee who is under investigation.
  4. During the investigation, keep confidential all information pertaining to the investigation except the fact that an investigation is being conducted and the date of the revocation hearing.
  5. Maintain a record of all investigations that indicates the name of the licensee, the date the investigation began, the reason for the investigation, and the result of the investigation.
  6. Post on DPI’s website, the name of the person whose license was revoked resulting from an investigation.


  • The public can search if an educator is under investigation by using our online License Lookup and looking at the License Status field.  Educators who are under investigation will have a status that says "Under Investigation."
  • In most cases, an employing school district will be aware that their employee is under investigation by DPI. However, in cases where DPI does not have employment information about the person under investigation, DPI will not be able to notify the employing school district.
  • Each allegation of misconduct is investigated and considered individually to determine if there is sufficient factual evidence to conclude whether the alleged behavior occurred and if any other conduct occurred.
  • Keep in mind that not all bad behavior or misconduct constitutes immoral conduct as defined in Wis. Stat. 115.31 (1)(c), nor does all bad and/or poor teaching practice/technique constitutes incompetency.
  • Being under investigation by DPI does not invalidate a person’s valid license that has not expired.
  • If there are pending criminal charges, DPI usually holds its investigation open until the criminal case is concluded.
  • DPI usually holds its investigation open pending the outcome/conclusion of the school district’s employment/discipline process.
  • The standards for pursuing license revocation are statutorily defined in Wis. Admin Code PI 34.098.