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Paper-Based Fingerprint Submission

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Important Notice


Educators with an invalidated Life or Lifetime license have until December 31st to revalidate their license.  Upon approval of the $45 Request Background Check - Lifetime Licensee [5900] application, the Lifetime license will be revalidated just as if the educator completed the application before June 30th. Educators will have until December 31st to complete this application for their license to be revalidated. 

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Paper fingerprint cards are only available for applicants who currently do not live in the United States.

Request paper fingerprint cards from the Department of Public Instruction via the Contact Us form.

Upon receiving a request for paper fingerprint cards, DPI will send, via U.S. Mail, two fingerprint cards preprinted with the Department's codes. Your fingerprints must be prepared on both of the DPI-supplied cards.

Upon receipt of fingerprint cards from DPI, make arrangements to have your fingerprints prepared by a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for details. Remember to bring photo identification with you when having your fingerprints prepared.

Fill out all required fields (details below) on each card in black ink before your fingerprints are taken. Cards will be returned to you if required fields are not correctly completed.

Fingerprint Cards Required Fields

Complete all fields on the FBI cards (blue lines and printing on a white background), which are listed on one side of the card.

  1. NAM - Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
  2. Signature of Person Fingerprinted
  3. AKA - Aliases
  4. DOB - Date of Birth: Month, Day, Year
  5. SEX
  6. RACE
  7. HGT - Height
  8. WGT - Weight
  9. EYES - Eye Color
  10. HAIR - Hair Color
  11. SOC - Social Security Number
  12. The Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints and Date must be completed by the law enforcement official who prepares your prints.

Incomplete or incorrectly completed fingerprint cards will be returned to you, and will delay processing of your application.

Completed cards are forwarded by DPI to the Wisconsin Department of Justice/FBI.

Mailing Instructions

Once the cards are completed, prepared with your fingerprints and signed, mail them to the Department of Public Instruction. Do not fold the fingerprint cards and do not staple them to your application forms.

If you must send fingerprint cards separately from your application materials and fee, mail the cards, in the envelope provided, to:

  • DPI - Educator Licensing
  • P.O. Box 7841
  • Madison, WI 53707-7841