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Wisconsin Master Educator Assessment Process (WMEAP)

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Educators with an invalidated Life or Lifetime license have until December 31st to revalidate their license.  Upon approval of the $45 Request Background Check - Lifetime Licensee [5900] application, the Lifetime license will be revalidated just as if the educator completed the application before June 30th. Educators will have until December 31st to complete this application for their license to be revalidated. 

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The Wisconsin Master Educator Assessment Process (WMEAP) is an assessment process for achieving the voluntary Wisconsin Master Educator license.

Through the WMEAP process, an educator will engage one of the most profound and rewarding professional development experiences in the career of education. Through a portfolio and video, candidates demonstrate their advanced level of proficiency in their licensure area. The portfolio is assessed by a team of DPI-trained assessors. Assessment is based on the quality of demonstration of exemplary practices and mastery of all the Wisconsin Standards in the candidate’s licensure area. While the portfolio development requires much time, commitment and rigor, the process alone will enhance the candidate’s professional performance.

Advantages for Wisconsin Teachers

Teachers and pupil services professionals who successfully complete a WMEAP process can obtain a Master Educator license with no expiration date. In addition, the WMEAP Master Educators can:

  • Obtain reimbursement of up to $2,000 for the costs associated with working on the WMEAP process.
  • Receive annual grants for 9 years of $2,500 or $5,000.

The WMEAP process is available only for the following licensure areas:

  • Administration
    • Superintendent
    • School Business Administrator
    • Director of Instruction
    • Principal
    • Career and Technology Education Coordinator
    • Director of Special Education and Pupil Services
    • Library Media Supervisor
    • Instructional Technology Coordinator
    • Reading Specialist
  • Pupil Services
    • School Social Worker
    • School Psychologist
    • School Nurse
  • Teaching/Supplemental
    • Theatre
    • Computer Science
    • Dance
    • Psychology
    • Speech and Language Pathology
    • Assistive Technology
    • Adaptive Education
    • Adaptive Physical Education


In order to apply for the WMEAP, candidates must meet all eligibility requirements by submitting all of the following as part of the application:

  • Documentation of a related master's degree.
  • Verification (from school/district) of at least 5 years of successful professional experience in licensure area at the Lifetime license level.
    • Candidates must have held a Lifetime license for at least 5 years.
  • Evidence of contributions to the profession.
  • Evidence of improved pupil learning.

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Portfolio Development

After receiving approval of the application, candidates will have up to 2 years to develop and submit their porfolios.

The WMEAP portfolio comprises of specific entries that describe, analyze, and reflect; include samples, artifacts, a video, and demonstrations of the applicant's mastery of Wisconsin Educator Standards. The artifacts and entries in the portfolio must have been obtained within 5 years of the date of application.

If a candidate is unsuccessful in obtaining Master Educator status upon assessment of the portfolio, the candidate will have one school year to resubmit a portfolio that addresses the portfolio entries that were assessed to be not adequate for mastery. It is recommended that candidates submit their portfolios for assessment in year one so that year two may be used for entries that did not demonstrate mastery and will be resubmitted. Candidates may resubmit a maximum of two entries that did not demonstrate mastery from the original portfolio. If the candidates have three of four entries to submit they must reapply through the WMEAP.