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Provisional Educator License

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


Provisional Educator License

A Provisional license is a Tier II three-year renewable license that allows for the educator to work in the subject and grade level indicated on the license. For all purposes, this is considered a full license.


Who may obtain a Provisional Educator license?

Educators who completed an approved educator preparation program for the first time in a given license area (Teaching, Administration or Pupil Services) may apply for a Provisional license. Whether an educator has completed their program through a Wisconsin approved program or through an out-of-state program, their first full license in a given license area (Teaching, Administration or Pupil Services) will be a Provisional license.

Educators who have expired or invalid licenses at the Initial, Provisional, Professional, Life, Lifetime, or Master Educator license stage are eligible for a Provisional license.


When the Provisional license expires

Provisional licenses are valid for three (3) years. If an educator has six semesters of successful experience in a position that meets the following criteria, they may apply for Lifetime licensure:

  • Experience completed in the license area (Teaching, Administration or Pupil Services) while holding either a Provisional, Initial Educator, Professional Educator or Master Educator license.
  • Experience completed in the five years immediately preceding the July 1 start date of the Lifetime license.
  • Experience must be providing direct services to students or providing administrative oversight in a prekindergarten through grade 12 setting in the license area of the Provisional license verified as successful experience by an educational entity in Wisconsin.

Note: Short-term substitute experience does not meet the experience requirement listed above.


Educators who do not have employment that meets the three criteria listed above may apply for a new Provisional license. There is no limit to the number of times that a Provisional license can be reissued.


How to apply for the Provisional license

Follow the Application Directions for (Re)issuance of Provisional License to apply for a Provisional license.