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Pupil Services License

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


Under Wis. Admin. Code PI 34, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues the following pupil services licenses for specific grade ranges:

Licenses Grade Range
School Counselor PK-12
School Nurse PK-12
School Psychologist PK-12
School Social Worker PK-12


A minimum of master’s degree or the equivalent is required for School Counselor and School Social Worker licenses. School Psychologist license requires a specialist degree or equivalent.

Licenses Issued Prior to August 2018

Five-year pupil services licenses that were issued under previous Wis. Admin. Code PI 34 might have been issued for a position subject and/or grade level that are not listed above. Upon application for renewal, these 5-year pupil services licenses will be renewed as a Provisional Educator Licenses.

Seeking a Pupil Services License in Wisconsin?

Go to the Seeking a Pupil Services License page to learn how to obtain your Wisconsin pupil services license.