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School Audiology License

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


To issue a School Audiologist license for the first time the Department of Public Instruction must review the applicant’s application per PI 34.34(12).  An applicant for the school audiologist license shall complete or possess all of the following:


  • Knowledge of the teaching standards 
  • Educational psychology including principles and theories of learning.
  • Methods and procedures in school audiology programs including the relationship with, and content of school pupil service programs. This requirement may be met by prior experience upon the recommendation of the accredited institution.
  • Alternative communication systems including signed language systems, their implications for the social, emotional and educational development of children, and methods for effective communication with children who use them.
  • At least 50 hours of a supervised practicum providing audiology services in a school setting, or equivalent experience while employed as a school audiologist by a public or private school or school district.
  • A master’s degree in audiology from an institution accredited by the educational standards board of the American speech− language−hearing association
  • An educator who holds a master’s degree in audiology from any accredited institution and who has been successfully employed by a school or school district as a school audiologist prior to July 1, 1994, on a full−time basis for 2 semesters, or the equivalent, is eligible for a license


School Audiologist License Renewal Requirements

School Audiologist  licenses are renewed by  completing  six semester credits (or nine quarter credits) of undergraduate or graduate level course work that is directly or substantively related to one or more of the licenses you hold, enhances your professional competence, and is related to the appropriate Wisconsin Educator Standards.  The credits must be taken at an institution of higher education institutionally accredited by an agency recognized by U.S. Department of Education (search at  Please note, all course work for renewal credits must be completed within the five years immediately preceding the new license begin date.  It is not possible to bank renewal credits from one licensing period to another.  For more information see the ELO Application Tips for Renewing Other Licenses page.



School Audiologist Permit Requirements

A one−year school audiologist permit which authorizes the holder to be employed as a school audiologist may be issued to a person who has a master’s degree in audiology from any accredited institution and who seeks a license as a school audiologist but does not meet all the license requirements.

You will complete an application that includes your transcripts and the emergency request from the school district. 

This is a two part application.