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Teaching Licenses

Under Wis. Admin. Code PI 34, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues the following teaching licenses for specific developmental level:

Licenses Developmental Level
Early Childhood – Regular Education EC
Early Childhood – Special Education EC
Early Childhood – Middle Childhood Regular Education EC-MC
Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence Regular Education MC-EA
Language Arts MC-EA, EA-A
Broad field Language Arts EA-A
English EA-A
Journalism EA-A
Speech Communication EA-A
Mathematics MC-EA, EA-A
Computer Science EA-A
Science MC-EA, EA-A
Broad field Science EA-A
Physical Science EA-A
Chemistry EA-A
Physics EA-A
Earth and Space Science EA-A
Life and Environmental Science EA-A
Biology EA-A
Environmental Studies EA-A
Social Studies MC-EA, EA-A
Broad field Social Studies EA-A
Geography EA-A
History EA-A
Political Science and Citizenship EA-A
Economics EA-A
Psychology EA-A
Sociology EA-A
Cross-categorical Special Education MC-EA, EA-A
Cognitive Disabilities MC-EA, EA-A
Emotional Behavioral Disabilities MC-EA, EA-A
Learning Disabilities MC-EA, EA-A
Agriculture Education EC-A
Art EC-A
Business Education EC-A
Dance EC-A
Deaf or Hard of Hearing EC-A
Family and Consumer Education EC-A
English as Second Language EC-A
French EC-A
German EC-A
Latin EC-A
Russian EC-A
Spanish EC-A
Other foreign languages EC-A
Health MC-EA, EA-A
Marketing Education EC-A
General Music EC-A
Choral Music EC-A
Instrumental Music EC-A
Physical Education EC-A
Speech and Language Pathology EC-A
Technology Education EC-A
Theatre EC-A
Visual Impairment EC-A



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