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Supplementary Teaching Licenses

In addition to the teaching licenses listed in previous page, the following licenses are issued as supplementary teaching license. Licenses in this category are issued for individuals who hold or eligible to hold teaching licenses as listed above. In general, the developmental level for these licenses shall coincide with the developmental level of the teaching licenses that the individual holds:

Supplemental Teaching License
Adaptive Education
Adaptive Physical Education
Assistive Technology
Alternative Education Program
Bilingual-Bicultural Education
Coaching Athletics
Driver Education
Gifted and Talented
Instructional Library Media Specialist
Reading Teacher
Urban Educator
Vocational – Business and Office Education
Vocational – Family and Consumer Services
Vocational – Family/Consumer Education – Child Services
Vocational – Family/Consumer Education  - Food Services
Vocational – Family/Consumer Education  - Clothing Services
Vocational – Housing/Equipment Services
Vocational – Home Economics Related Occupation (HERO)
Vocational – Technology Related Occupations
Vocational – Technology Occupations –  Manufacturing
Vocational – Technology Occupations – Construction
Vocational – Technology Occupations – Transportation
Vocational – Technology Occupations – Communication


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