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Other Computer-Related Courses

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Important Notice


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule.  Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.


A Computer Science license (405/1405) is not required to teach all computer-related courses.  The teacher license required for each course is based on student standards upon which the course is based.  For example:

Computer Graphics

  • If the class is for business education credit, a Business Education (250/1250 or 251/1251 ) license is required.
  • If the class is for technical education credit, a Technical Education (220/1220) license is required,
  • If the class is for art credit, and Art (550/1550) license is required.

Computer Applications/Literacy

  • Computer application/literacy courses within specific disciplines may be taught by any teacher licensed in that discipline.
  • Any licensed Regular Education (777/1777) elementary teacher may teach computer literacy to his or her own self-contained classroom at the grade levels of the elementary education license.


Keyboarding taught in grades 7-12 must be taught by a licensed Business Education (250/1250 or 251/1251) teacher, OR a business education teacher with Keyboarding (previously typewriting) (265/1265) license.

Keyboarding taught in grades lower than 7 must be taught using the following options:

  1. a business education teacher licensed for K-12
  2. a licensed elementary teacher instructing his or her own self-contained classroom
  3. a team consisting of a business education teacher licensed for grades 7-12 and the classroom teacher