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NEW Application Available to Upgrade from OOS1 to Provisional License

Monday, January 22, 2018

A new 1225 application is available to allow educators to move from their 1-year Wisconsin license to a provisional license.  This application is for educators who hold, or have held, a 1-year Wisconsin license, based on completing an educator preparation program headquartered in a state other than Wisconsin, and have satisfied all testing requirements for a 3-year Provisional Wisconsin license. This application can only be completed after January 1 of the year the 1-year Wisconsin license will expire.

If an educator has not met the requirements to apply for the 3-year Provisional license, they may apply for another 1-year License with Stipulations.

To complete the Upgrade from OOS1 to Provisional License application, follow the Application Directions for Upgrading from OOS1 to Provisional License.

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