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Alternative Route Pathway

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Important Notice


Educators with an invalidated Life or Lifetime license have until December 31st to revalidate their license.  Upon approval of the $45 Request Background Check - Lifetime Licensee [5900] application, the Lifetime license will be revalidated just as if the educator completed the application before June 30th. Educators will have until December 31st to complete this application for their license to be revalidated. 

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Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor's degree, with a major in the license subject
  • Career changer, entering teaching
  • Educator seeking additional license in shortage area
  • Seeking licensure in a shortage area in Wisconsin
    • Mathematics, Science, Career and Technical Education Subjects, World Languages, Special Education, Bilingual/Bicultural and ESL; also regional shortages

Seeking a Teaching License and already completed a bachelor's degree in the subject area of the license?

People who fit this pathway profile are career changers, college graduates seeking to become teachers after securing employment in shortage area in a Wisconsin school district, or Wisconsin educators wishing to obtain additional licensure in a Wisconsin shortage area. For subject specific license, the candidate must have already completed a major in the subject area of the license they are seeking. Wisconsin Alternative Route programs prepare candidates with teaching coursework for Wisconsin licenses in shortage areas, which include: Mathematics, Science, Special Education, ESL, Bilingual/Bicultural, World Languages, Technology Education, and Business Education. These programs are for licensure only and do not lead to a degree.

Download a PDF version of the video.


If you fit this pathway profile:

  1. DECIDE what you are interested in teaching.
  2. IDENTIFY the Wisconsin Alternative-Route Program Providers that are approved to prepare educators in the Wisconsin teaching license you are seeking, using the following: Find a Prep Program
  3. CONTACT the Alternative Route Program Providers directly to learn about their program and enrollment. Here is Contact Information for Approved Educator Preparation Programs.
  4. COMPLETE all the requirements of the approved alternative route licensure program.
  5. APPLY for a Wisconsin Initial Educator License using the ELO System.