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Seeking a Pupil Services License

DPI is currently receiving a high volume of contacts for assistance.  The four most common topics of discussion are:

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Help with WAMS IDs

Before you can submit an application to DPI, you must register for a Web Access Management Systems (WAMS) user ID.

How to set up a WAMS account

Already have one or more WAMS accounts?

How to start your WAMS account recovery:

Perform a WAMS account recovery for all emails you have. Enter your email address but do NOT enter your User ID to start your WAMS account recovery. Once in the account recovery process you will be prompted to change your password. After you change your password you will be told in parentheses what your correct User ID is. Please make note of that before you terminate the account recovery session. Once you have recovered all WAMS accounts you have, login to ELO with each of your accounts individually. If you can see your licenses, you are logging in with the correct WAMS account. If you are taken through the Onboarding process again, you are not using the correct WAMS account and should try another account.

If you encounter errors in the WAMS account recovery process, please contact WAMS directly.  DPI is unable to help with WAMS recovery because the system is used by many state agencies and is run by the Department of Administration:

Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor's degree, or
  • Master's, Education Specialist, or Doctorate degree,
  • Seeking licensure as a: School Social Worker, School Psychologist, School Counselor, School Nurse

Seeking a Pupil Services License?

People who fit this pathway profile are college graduates who already have a bachelor's degree and are returning to a college/university to pursue a career as a pupil services professional. Candidates seeking a school social worker or school counselor license are required to complete a master's degree. Candidates seeking a school psychologist license are required to complete an education specialist or doctorate degree. Candidates must complete the approved pupil services preparation program specific to the license they are seeking at a Wisconsin college/university. Upon completion, the Wisconsin college/university will endorse the candidate for Wisconsin license.

If you fit this pathway profile:

  1. DECIDE what pupil services licensure you are interested in.
  2. IDENTIFY the Wisconsin college/university approved to prepare pupil services professionals for the Wisconsin license you are seeking using: Find a Prep Program
  3. CONTACT the college/university directly to learn about their programs and enrollment. Here is Contact Information for Approved Educator Preparation Programs.
  4. COMPLETE the degree requirements.
  5. COMPLETE all the requirements of the approved pupil services licensure program.
  6. APPLY for a Wisconsin Initial Educator License using the ELO System.

If you completed a Pupil Services program outside Wisconsin, use the Out-of-State pathway.