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WECAN PDP Transition

Lifetime Licenses Created

Important Notice

As required in the 2017-18 state budget, conversion of current Professional and Master Educator licenses to Lifetime licenses is complete.  If you wish to print a copy of your Lifetime license, please follow the four numbered steps below:

  1. Access your ELO Account
  2. Navigate to the “Manage Your Existing Licenses” section of the Quick Start Menu
  3. Choose “Print license certificate” from the drop down menu and click “Go!”
  4. Based on your browser’s default behavior, a file will be available for you to open or download.

Effective June 15th, 2017 WECAN will discontinue hosting PDP on-line service.  You cannot start a NEW PDP with WECAN. The QEI will remain as a PDP on-line provider.  If your PDP is on WECAN and you are not able to complete the PDP by June 15th, you will need to complete the PDP with QEI or on paper.

There is no automatic transfer process for moving a PDP from WECAN to the QEI.  Educators using WECAN will need to create a QEI account and then copy/paste their PDP content from their WECAN PDP into the QEI PDP templates or simply re-write the PDP in QEI.  

This page will be updated throughout the transition process to provide the information that is available at that time.  This page was last updated on 2/23/17.

Information for educators who can complete their PDP prior to June 15th 2017

  • We strongly encourage you to have your PDP in final form and submitted to your reviewers by May 1, 2017. This will allow reviewers to complete their tasks and for educators to make any modifications and resubmit for final verification to DPI by the June 15, 2017 WECAN deadline.
  • The PDP process will stay the same.
  • Educators may choose to shorten their implementation time line to three or four years. Being able to collect 3-5 artifacts of their professional growth and its impact on student learning is key to being able to shorten your PDP implementation timeline. Once you submit your PDP to DPI through WECAN or QEI, your PDP will be stored in your DPI account for up to five years from your last verification signature date. You will still have the option to wait and apply to advance/renew your license in the year your license expires.
  • Educators do not need to contact DPI to change their timeline.
  • Educators do not need their PDP Team’s approval to change their timeline.
  • A verified PDP can be used for license renewal up to five years from the date of the last verification signature.
  • No new PDP’s can be started in WECAN.

Information for educators who cannot complete their PDP prior to June 15th 2017  

  • Educators will want to create an account on QEI to host their PDP.
  • It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of your PDP and goal approval.
  • If you previously had a goal/PDP approved by a three member team on WECAN and need to move the goal approval to the QEI, follow these directions to have your Goal Approval uploaded to your QEI account:
    • Take a screenshot of your WECAN goal approval form. Make sure that the screenshot includes the information about who you are and the information about the reviewers including the date(s) they each approved the PDP goal. Also be sure you save your screenshot as a PDF or JPG file
    • On the My Folder page in your QEI account, click on Review Status of my PDP
    • On the next page in the right column, click the blue button titled QEI Offline Services
    • On the next page, choose the first blue button labeled PDP Goal Approval Form Upload
    • On the next page, follow the direction to upload your PDF or JPG screenshot goal approval file from your computer to the QEI
    • Once your QEI PDP status is updated, you will be able to submit your PDP to a verification review team on the QEI when you are ready

Information for PDP Team Members

Ensure that you have a reviewer account on QEI before June 15, 2017 in order to support your educators.

Other Information:

If you have questions for WECAN please contact Charlene Walker.

Below is the email that was sent from WECAN on 10/5/16 to educators in the process of completing a PDP:

"The WECAN PDP is not being reprogrammed. After conversations with DPI regarding the WECAN program language/design challenges and anticipated changes, WECAN and DPI have mutually agreed not to renew the contract for the WECAN PDP platform.

WECAN will maintain the current PDP platform through June 15, 2017.  DPI and WECAN strongly encourage teachers and administrators who currently have PDPs in progress to complete them by June 15, 2017.   Educators who are in the third or fourth year of their PDP can choose to shorten their implementation timeline in order to complete their PDP during this academic year.  Educators choosing to do this need to make sure that they will have three to five artifacts, with at least one documenting professional growth and at least one documenting the impact of professional growth on student learning."