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Title I Committee of Practitioners

What is the COP?  

The Title I Committee of Practitioners (COP) is a group of individuals working in Title I programs throughout Wisconsin which advises DPI on Title I issues. COP meets twice each school year, with additional meetings as needed. 

COP agendas include:

  • discussion of Title I issues;
  • updates on national education reform activities;
  • changes in Title I legislation and regulations; and
  • reviewing and commenting on proposed or final state rules, regulations, and policies relating to Title I.

Who participates in COP?

Federal law guides the membership of COP. The majority of representatives must be from local education agencies (LEAs or school districts) COP members must include:

  • School administrators;
  • Teachers;
  • Parents;
  • Members of local school boards;
  • Representatives of private schools; and
  • Pupil service personnel.

2018-19 COP Member List

For more information about COP, contact Jonas Zuckerman, Director, at (608) 267-9136.

Title I Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged Part A Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Education Agencies Federal Laws 20USC§1903 (b); 20USC§1111 (c)(11)

For questions about this information, contact Title I and School Support Team (608) 267-3721