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Parental Involvement in Title I Preschools

Why is parental involvement important in preschool programs?

Parental involvement in the education of children should begin as soon as they start school. Early childhood, preschool, and kindergarten programs that train parents to work with their children at home tend to have significant, positive effects. Children who participate in these programs have better grades and ratings from teachers both of which tend to improve the longer they are in the program. They also make greater gains than children who do not participate in such programs (Henderson & Mapp, 2002).

Studies that compared levels of involvement found that achievement increased directly with the extent to which parents were engaged in the program. Children who participated from all family backgrounds and income levels made gains and in some cases, children having the most difficulty in school made the greatest gains (Henderson & Mapp, 2002).

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Do the parental involvement provisions in section 1118 of Title I apply to preschool programs?

All provisions in section 1118 apply to Title I preschool programs except the requirement in section 1118 (d)(2)(A) concerning discussion of the school-parent compact at parent-teacher conferences in elementary schools.

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Do the LEA and school’s written parental involvement policies apply to parents of children in Title I preschool programs?

Yes, as applicable. For example, if an LEA operates a preschool program at the district level, the pertinent parent involvement provisions would be those applicable to the LEA.

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May schools include parents of children in Title I preschool programs in professional development activities?

Yes. Title I schools must provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents of participating children may request, including allowing parents to participate in professional development activities that the school or LEA deems appropriate. In addition, LEA plans must describe the strategy the LEA will use to coordinate the Title I program with professional development programs funded under Title II of the ESEA, to provide professional development to principals and teachers and, if appropriate, to other individuals including parents.

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What resources does the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provide regarding parent involvement?

At DPI, the Community Learning and Partnerships Team provide information and resources to support quality family, school, and community partnerships and early childhood consultants developed a list of resources designed to help parents support their child’s education in the home. Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners (WECCP) also provide resources to increase parent education and support family, school, and community partnerships.

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