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Title I Guidance


Title I, Part A Carryover

2016-17 ESEA End of Year Report

Obligating and Liquidating Title I Funds

Title I Comparability Reporting

Community Eligibility Provision and Title I Funding

Deadlines for the Title I Program

Title I Equitable Participation for Private School Students

Title I, Part A Carryover

Districts that do not obligate 15 percent or less of their Title I, Part A funds for a given fiscal year may carryover the unobligated funds and obligate them during the succeeding fiscal year. Districts may request a waiver to exceed the 15 percent carryover limitation once every three years. Districts receiving a Title I, Part A allocation that is less than $50,000 per year may carryover unobligated funds without limitation.

DPI will contact districts that need to complete carryover waiver form DPI-0013.


2016-17 ESEA End of Year Report


Local educational agencies (LEAs) receiving Title I-A, Title II-A, or Title III-A funds under ESEA are required to complete the End of Year Report. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction uses the data submitted by districts to complete the Consolidated State Performance Report as required by the U.S. Department of Education each fall. Districts can use the workbook linked below to guide their data collections for the 2016-17 End of Year Report in WISEgrants. The collections and tables in the workbook are exactly what will appear in the electronic report. Please note that districts will not be able to submit the workbook to complete this requirement. ESEA End of Year data must be entered in WISEgrants.

2016-17 ESEA End of Year Workbook - The 2016-2017 ESEA End of Year Report deadline was extended through December 1, 2017.

Obligating and Liquidating Title I Funds




Title I Comparability Reporting

Districts receiving Title I, Part A funds are required by federal legislation to conduct an annual review of their local and state expenditures to ensure Title I and non-Title I schools receive a distribution of those funds on an equivalent basis, and to maintain documentation of the results and the action taken, if necessary, to remedy findings of non-comparability. Districts with only one school per grade span are exempt from this requirement. Comparability calculations and supporting evidence for the school year should be maintained in district records for future monitoring visits and/or audits.  

Title I, Part A Comparability Report Workbook


View the recorded Title I Comparability Report presentation for more information (15 minutes).




Community Eligibility Provision and Title I Funding

View this narrated PowerPoint presentation for an overview of the Community Eligibility Provision and how it related to Title I funding


Deadlines for the Title I Program

May 1

Title I Schoolwide application deadline

Approx. June

ESEA preliminary Allocations loaded into WISEgrants

July 1

Assurances, Debarment, and anti-lobbying forms are signed by the district authorizer.

Mid. October

Title I, Part A Application due to DPI

September 30

Last date for submission of the final claim for the previous school year

Approx. November

Final ESEA carryover provided within the application

Comparability Report due to DPI

ESEA End-of-Year Report due to DPI


Title I Equitable Participation for Private School Students

Districts are required to provide eligible children attending private elementary and secondary schools, their teachers, and their families with Title I services or other benefits, such as professional development, Family Engagement, or materials and supplies (on loan from the public schools), that are equitable to those provided to eligible public school children, their teachers and their families. To be eligible for Title I services, a private school child must reside in a public Title I school attendance area and be determined in need of additional academic support.

Letter to LEAs - January 20, 2017

Steps to Determine Title I, Part A Private School Equitable Share

ESSA TI-A Private School Equitable Share Calculator

Equitable services for Private School students under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

ESEA Ombudsman


For questions about this information, contact Title I and School Support Team (608) 267-3721