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Title I Network


The Title I Network is a collaborative effort with the Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) that provides increased technical assistance and professional development for districts and schools with Title I programs. The Title I Network incorporates equity, ESSA, implementation science and coordinated improvement planning, and family engagement into professional development and technical assistance to close achievement gaps so every student graduates college and career ready. With financial support from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), each CESA provides free or reduced cost Title I services for all school districts in their CESA. Title I Network services include a base level of services to Title I districts and schools in the following five areas:

  • Title I Application. Consultation with Title I coordinators regarding Title I law, programming, reporting requirements, and monitoring.
  • Title I Coordinator Leadership. Information and resources for Title I coordinators through one-on-one technical assistance, at least two regional meetings, and a Title I coordinator orientation.
  • Support for Closing Achievement Gaps. Technical assistance and professional development opportunities to Title I districts and schools to close achievement gaps so that every student graduates career and college ready.
  • Support for Priority and Focus Schools. Technical assistance and professional development events for Title I schools identified as "priority" or "focus" as defined under the new Wisconsin Accountability System or those needs identified by a regional needs assessment.
  • Resources and Collaboration. Information and resources regarding local and statewide initiatives and agencies that can provide Title I related support.

Program Elements

Critical program elements are:

  • Regional survey to determine how to best meet each district’s Title I needs
  • Title I Coordinator technical assistance and support
  • Title I Coordinator orientation
  • Title I Coordinator meetings
  • A series of professional development offerings
  • Continued updates and information on resources, initiatives, and agencies that could enhance Title I programming

Economic Support

Title I Network services are being provided as a collaborative effort between DPI and each of the 12 CESAs. The CESAs provide their base level of Title I Network services as a free or reduced cost service for all school districts in the CESA.

Links and Resources

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