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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 1

Why is it helpful for schools to form an Action Team for Partnerships?

Families, teachers, and community members all have important roles to play in student success. An Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) offers schools or districts an excellent, collaborative process for engaging families in helping all children learn. Joyce Epstein has developed an Action Team framework that links partnerships to student achievement and school improvement. This framework calls for parents, teachers, community members, and students to come together to develop practices that build the school's capacity to serve students.

The Action Team for Partnerships promotes student success. Each Action Team uses the Six Types of Family-School-Community Partnerships (link to 6 types on DPI website) to develop a One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships.

When parents and teachers talk and work together on an Action Team,

  • Students understand the importance of education, feel supported at home and at school, and learn more
  • Families understand school programs, policies, and how to support children at home
  • Teachers understand families' concerns, goals, and needs for their children.
  • Schools marshal time, people, and resources to increase the performance of all children in the school and enable all families to be involved.


Joyce Epstein, Director, National Network of Partnership Schools Video




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