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Partnership Action Team Toolkit: Question 11

How can the Action Team evaluate its efforts?

Did our Partnership Action Team achieve its goals? Were families at each grade level able to be involved in or supportive of their children's learning? Which families didn't we reach? How could we do things differently next year to achieve our goals?

Taking time to evaluate the year's goals and activities is an important part of building a strong partnership framework. As partnership expert Joyce Epstein says, fostering effective family-school-community partnerships is a process that may take three years, five years...or forever!

Spring or late in the school year is a great time to evaluate partnership practices to help plan for next year. Review any partnership data collected during the year and re-visit the Measuring Your Family-School-Community Partnerships document your team completed at the start of the year to gauge how the climate and type of partnerships have changed during preceding months.





  • Program Evaluation web pages of the National Network of Partnership Schools
  • Family Involvement Publications and Resources, Harvard Family Research Project web pages.


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